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About The Game

Game Backstory

In the 22nd Century, humanity reaches a new technological watershed: company Beyond Earth Technologies invent self-replicating machines.

Beyond Earth

This is a revolution in off-world mining, colonisation and natural resource acquisition. However, during the inaugural mission the test asteroid is fail-safe detonated after strange orbital fluctuations. As the debris is scattered outwards, it’s not long before we realise that we are clearly not the first ones in the universe to pass this milestone. As several strange alien beings are cast towards Earth we find ourselves inadvertently pitted against a superior form of alien ‘life’ within a crash-site disaster zone of unprecedented scale. Ironically, Earth’s only hope is now in the same technology that Beyond Earth invented for space. You are hope. You are rebirth. You are revolution: You are the pilot of the most advanced machines ever built.

Project Status

Burrow is being designed and developed by Remode. We are currently in early stage development and plan to release the game in 2013.


During the 22nd century, following the greatest catastrophe in human history, the only hope is a secret bunker, where robots originally destined for space mining & colonisation lie dormant. You are hope. You are rebirth. You are revolution: You are the pilot of the most advanced machines ever built.

Burrow is a strategy game where survivors must be rescued from subterranean areas of an irradiated city while contending with mysterious beings brought to Earth in the disaster…

Command robots to mine resources, build a base and rescue survivors, whilst outfoxing a powerful enemies in a game combining strategy, stealth & suspense.

  • Command a team of futuristic robots
  • Explore vast underground maps to locate survivors and resources
  • Build a base for rescued survivors and manage their needs
  • Outfox powerful, mysterious alien machines
  • Explore an expansive tech-tree to improve your robots and deal with environmental hazards
  • Multiplayer and single player modes

The goal of each map is to find a specified number of human survivors and then successfully house them in your base. This must be done while contending with enemies: powerful and deadly alien machines. These mechanical organisms are both larger and more powerful than your units, so any head-to-head confrontation must be planned carefully. You must work to avoid, deter and outsmart the enemy in a subterranean game of cat & mouse.


In Game Concept

Robot Concepts

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